About Us

Welcome to the Writers’ Society. We’re UCL’s home for creative writers of all descriptions. We’re here if you want feedback, inspiration, or just to spend time with other people who enjoy writing.

We offer fortnightly separate feedback sessions for prose and poetry, regular open mic nights, workshops, sessions with guest authors and the opportunity to publish in both our termly magazine and yearly anthology. 

All genres of writing are welcome, including sci-fi, fantasy, detective fiction, crime, thrillers etc. We are by no means focussed on literary fiction (although all that’s welcome too!), and we aim to have a completely fresh, creative and practical way of discussing writing, absolutely different from the academic ‘English Literature’ approach.

Please note that for each feedback session, people submit their work online before the meet date so that everyone gets a chance to read it. Please like our Facebook page to keep up with our latest updates: https://www.facebook.com/UCLwriters/

Otherwise, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: su-youngwriters@ucl.ac.uk

We hope to see you at some of our events soon. Until then, happy writing.

The Writers’ Society 2020/21 Committee




Chair of Prose

Chair of Poetry

Chair of Performing Arts

Publicity Manager

Welfare Officer

Weronika Brzezinska

Anna Shirshova

Sam Huddlestone

Allan Yeung

Mara Dinu

Flori Iacobescu

Fadwa Shagroun

Francesca Parrotta

We are currently open for submissions.