Download Past Magazines

A number of our previous magazines are available to download here.

Okay, so working on the magazine is sometimes hard – as a writer you have to put yourself out there, and as an editor, well, very similarly, you have to take responsibility for the magazine and its adherence to the agreed theme (…) [but] it is so satisfying to see the writing you produced/edited in print! Such a wonderfully wholesome experience. The magazine is the best.” – Zuzana

The Writers’ Block (Term 1, 2020/21)

‘The Writers’ Block’ magazine is now available for download, featuring poetry, prose, photography and illustrations by our members.

Beginnings (Term 2, 2019/20)

Celebrating the start of a new month, year & decade, this magazine features prose and poetry on the theme of ‘Beginnings’.

Lost / Found (Term 1, 2019/20)

A double-sided magazine with two themes. Each half contains poetry and prose on either Lost or Found, as well as photographs courtesy of members of UCL Photography Society.

Break (Summer, 2019)

A collaborative magazine with KCL’s LitSoc, featuring the poetry and prose on the theme of ‘Break’ from six talented authors from the two universities.

Colour (Term 2, 2018/19)

Featuring prose, poetry and photography on the theme of ‘Colour’.

Dreams (Term 1, 2018/19)

Featuring prose, poetry, lyrics and photography on the theme of ‘Dreams’.

Physical copies are still floating around for some of these. If you would like a physical copy of one, please get in touch with UCL Writers’ Society on Facebook.