The current situation has unfortunately forced us to change how we run the UniSlam auditions this year. As you know, because of the uncertainty surrounding society events during lockdown, all in-person activity has been stopped until the end of term. Everything was moved online, so our auditions will have to take place in an alternative space. That’s why we would like to ask those of you who are planning to audition to prerecord your performances and send your video submissions to our email address (su-youngwriters@ucl.ac.uk) by the 20th of November! Most of the rules are the same, you should submit 2 original poems, and the time limit for each performance is 3 minutes (your submission should therefore be no longer than 8-10 minutes long including the two performances, as well as a very brief introduction to yourself). 

We have put together some video tips to help you prepare: 
– don’t edit your video too much, its best if you can manage in one take (although it wont disadvantage you if you have a couple of cuts between the performances)! Remember we’re looking for the poetry not the filmmaking
– make sure your voice is clear and audible
– make sure that your entire silouhette appears in the video while you’re performing. We want to see your body language, stand up while youre saying your poem!
– Feel free to use your script and any objects around you as prompts! 
– make sure you keep track of the submission deadline: 20th November!

Please note, this is only an opportunity for Remote+ and Full members! If you do not hold those memberships but would like to apply, purchase one of the two above and send us your order number/receipt with your audition tapes.

Best of luck!